How to hold a brainstorming

How to hold a brainstorming

Brainstorming, also known as brainstorming, is a method designed to stimulate creativity and strengthen thinking. Can be done by one person or a group of people. Participants gathered together to freely raise ideas related to the topic of the discussion in their minds and then reorganized everyone’s ideas. During the whole process, no matter how ridiculous and absurd the opinions put forward, others are not allowed to interrupt and criticize, thus generating many new viewpoints and solutions to problems.


  1. Write the GOAL on the top of the wall
  2. Group members around the ideas wall.


  1. Start by diverging: thinking broadly
  2. Diving into the obvious ideas
  3. Group similar item


  1.  Visually cluster by basic similarity
  2.  Give an Example to build each other’s ideal


  1. the conclusion is all you want?
  2. If not, go back to the first step and discussion again.
  3. Converge on a shared idea and make a plan for what to do next

Hold the first brainstorming meeting in your daily

How’s your work calendar looking? 

Full of meetings? Many meetings lack productive outcomes. 

Maybe you’ve been there: 

an hour of talking ends in the same place it started, Or a contentious 30 minutes leaves everyone feeling frustrated. 

Don’t feel down. Instead, take these as opportunities to start aligning your team.

  1. Next time you’re in a meeting where the conversation spins in circles, eyes touch will push everyone to join the team.
  2. asks everyone to grab something to write with, visualize their thoughts, and then take turns sharing.
  3. Share their opinion, and hold a silent and anonymous voting session to expose everyone’s viewpoints.

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